Classic Boston Whaler Models - Specialty Marine

The colors depicted in these photographs can vary slightly depending on the screen that you are using, the lighting that's hitting the products, and the background that you're comparing the color to. Therefore, please take these photo comparisons with a grain of salt.

Wood has naturally occurring color variation due to grain, forest conditions, age of the wood, etc.  We do our best to match parts in sets however there will always be some variance.  Please keep in mind that wood ordered over time versus in a complete kit will be impossible for us to match since we have no reference of wood color from previous orders.  Wood colors range from blonde/gold to redish/brown.

All of our wood products (aside from "bare" teak) are treated with the bare minimum 5 coats of Captains ZSpar varnish and will require care and maintenance.  All wood has SPRAYED on varnish as we produce these in bulk so they are ready to ship when you order.  This rarely can at times cause drips in the varnish.  It will be up to the customer to repair (or leave as is) as the wood requires maintenance prior to use and will not be refunded or replaced.  We have outlined that information for you here.  

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