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Requests for individual descriptions/pictures of the blemishes will be denied and all sales are final.

These blemished products either arrive to us damaged or were returned by customers and were damaged during return shipment. Some of the wood products may be a few shades off from the mahogany in our newer unblemished wood products and/or may have blemishes including but not limited to scratches, dings, slight warping, or hairline cracks. Hardware has small nicks or scratches and can be polished out or used as is. Cushions may have tears or scratches and be in need of cleaning. Railings are in need of a good scrub with a steel wool or SOS pad and soapy water as well as any stainless polish of your choice. Cushions may have marks or tears that can be mended with tear aid. Many of these items simply need a bit of T.L.C. through sanding and re-varnishing or a good cleaning with a non-solvent solution. 

These products are all still in usable condition and will work great if you are in need of the product for functionality instead of aesthetics, working on budget, and/or are handy with small repairs. Blemished items are still packed with 2 inch perforated foam and edges are protected to avoid any further blemishing, however, no UPS claims can be filed for damage during shipment. Finally, there will be no additional discounts given on blemished goods and all sales are final.

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