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Stainless steel Bimini top with stainless fittings. Will fit Boston Whaler classic 13' through 17'. This top for the Classics has the option of both rail and gunnel mounting (see below). The gunnel mounts are specific to the angle of the top the gunnel for classic Whalers.  The 130 Sport will require two side mounts.

This top is 46" High x 65" Length x 60" Wide.  The mounting width range is 58" - 64". (Note: This top may fit hulls other than specified here, to determine fitment please measure the mounting width and verify height before ordering).  If you have a 150 Sport, 170 Montauk, or 13-16' Dauntless please click here.

Available in Navy Blue, Pacific Blue, Grey, Burgundy or Black in 1200D fabric (Sunbrella equivalent) and comes with a storage boot. Please check the information below to determine the type and quantity of mounts you will need.

Note:  When the top is not in use, store collapsed and in the provided boot to reduce premature sun damage and fading.


Q: What are the 2 support poles used for?

A: The rear support poles are typically only used when there is no space in the rear of the boat for the top to stow away. Instead, the top is collapsed and stowed in the "up" position. It is also generally desired when installing to railing, because there is no support behind the rails for the collapsed top to fold down and "sit" on. *4 mounts - required when using support poles


Q: What takes the place of the support poles, if not used?

A: In most cases, the use of the support poles are not necessary, and the top folds down and stows in the rear of the boat. This top includes 2 extra straps that are used in the rear that take the place of the poles. *2 mounts used.

Choosing the type and quantity of mounts:


- If using support poles: You will need 4 mounts in any combination. For example, you can use rail mounts for the main "center" mounting point & then use gunnel mounts for the rear poles.


- If not using support poles: You will only need 2 mounts. Gunnel mounting is more common when not using the support poles, because the gunnels provide a better resting surface for the top when folded down and stowed.


~ Special Note: Rail mounting is required for the classic 16'/17' hull because the width of the gunnels exceed the maximum mounting width of this top. Additionally, the railing gives this top added height for better head clearance.  Side mounting is required for the 130 Sport.